Looking to launch or rebrand your business?  NOW is the time to learn about trademarks.  You need to understand trademarks BEFORE you launch. You need to know if your mark is available BEFORE you invest in branding and marketing. Trademark infringement can be very costly!  With legal fees and rebranding cost infringement can also be a nightmare.

The Ultimate Trademark Basics Blueprint is an online course taught by a licensed trademark attorney. Designed to introduce you to the basic information you need to help you take protecting your brand in your own hands, thus controlling your business greatest asset, its trademarks.

During this course you will learn:

  • How to identify specific elements of your brand can be protected

  • How to use other aspects such as shape, sound, and smell to build a strong brand

  • How to determine the availability of your mark

  • How to tackle the application process, including how to handle dead and abandoned trademarks

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Before you make the investment to protect your brand you should know the basics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for?

    Business owners and potential business owners who operate their business in the United States who are tired of letting trademarks get the best of them. Trademarks can be confusing but they don’t have to be.

  • Will I get to work with you directly?

    No. If you have a question specific to your business, please schedule a consultation by visiting bit.ly/iprotectbrands.

  • But what if I have a general question about the course?

    Great news! As part of this course you have access to the discussion cube where you can ask course related questions. Feel free to ask your questions there. Keep in mind that the answers are not legal advice.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We have a strict no refund policy, however, the price of this course is significantly less than hiring a trademark attorney PLUS you will have continued access to the course including future updates.

  • When can I start?

    You can start right away and learn at your own pace.

  • Can I use this information to file trademark applications for anyone other than myself?

    No. You must be a licensed attorney to file a trademark application for anyone other than yourself.

  • LaConya Murray, Esq.

    Brand Attorney

    LaConya Murray, Esq.

    Known as The Brand Attorney, LaConya Murray is the creator and owner of Off the Mark Ip Solutions, a boutique legal and business consulting firm based in Montgomery, Al. Off the Mark provides trademark, copyright, patent, and business development services to clients throughout the United States. Attorney Murray represents traditional professionals such as doctors, lawyers, hairstylist, teachers, etc... who are looking to protect their brand. LaConya is the author of the best selling book “30 Days ‘Til Launch: A Checklist Of Legal and Business Basics Every Business Owner Should Know Before Opening Their Doors” and “30 Days ‘Til Launch: The Business Plan Workbook.”